Safe, innovative
and eco sustainable
multidisciplinary unit
for hazardous waste


Drain Star Revolution, the next generation in surgical fluid collection and disposal systems is the result of over 15 years experience.

It’s use for Menagement Biological Fluid (Big Volumes). Surgeries: Arthroscopy, Gynecology, Urology.

The high volume capacity up to 62 litres allows uninterrupted performance for OT staff, managing fluid and smoke waste by a portable unit totally closed.


Eliminate canister replacement & disposal

Reduce solid waste disposal costs

Operate with safe, continuous suction for any surgeries

Environmentally friendly solution to bioburden removal during surgery

Battery powered for use in ward as I.C.U. (CVVH), dialysis or catheterized patients


I.V. Pole

Lifter with electrical height adjustment


Two independent suction lines low vacuum

Bacterial neutralization

Of the collected fluids


Automatic disinfection cycle
High accuracy volume measurement

If you need more features, check out the DSX